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Hacking a phone: it's easy and we'll explain how! and how we can secure it.

The title already tells you everything! Yes, it's true. It is very easy to hack a phone.
Anyone who is dying to hack into the cell phone of their wife or husband, their child, their boss or employee.A phone hack is to access it without obtaining permission from its owner.

A: Hack a phone remotelyRemotely hacking a cell phone requires you to have spyware.

you should always hide your IP is your location you found here

B: Hack a phone in the same WIFI networkit
is more dangerous because we all use the WIFI of the cafe or in our work so being miser I will not explain how but the web and youtube tutorial but I will explain how to always remain vigilant.

-you must install VPN here are some VPNs which give free trials:

the installation and the use are simple just following and there is also the guide and the documentation of which their site.Here we have installed and finished what is the second step.

-we will check our location in the web and our IP address here is some site for that:

and here you are surfing the web with all security.share with you for more all sensitive remains.
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